Now it feels like Christmas

936587_10152155695504813_2114195358_nI spent more than a decade living in London, and Christmas was always special.  I loved the buzz of the city at that time of year. The crowds, the lights, the excitement, the smell of roasting chestnuts, mulled wine, and fresh fir trees.

I loved buying a tree from our local fruit shop and dragging it home, the weekend before Christmas. But during my many years in England, there were some things that I never got used to – Brussels sprouts, bread pudding and short  grey days. I longed to see the sun, to taste a juicy mango, to dive through a sparkling wave. imageFor me Christmas wasn’t Christmas without colour. I’ve now been back in Australia for ten years and I still get nostalgic when I see the poinciana trees in bloom – their flame red flowers signalling that Christmas is on the way.

In Queensland, Christmas is a brightly coloured event – full of  the sights and flavours of summer – mangoes by the tray, baked ham and cold salads, stunning beaches, turquoise waters, multi-coloured board shorts and bright blue swimming pools. At this time of year, I wouldn’t be anywhere else.

imageHave a great Christmas – wherever you are!

Published by Julie Fison

Julie Fison is an author, blogger and travel lover. Her books include the Hazard River adventure series for kids and stories in the Choose Your Own Ever After series for readers who like to decide how the story goes. Her blog Welcome to My World features tips for midlife travel, writing and other good stuff.

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