Bat Attack!

BAT ATTACK! COVERIt’s New Year’s Eve and Jack Wilde and his friends are getting ready for a night of fun at the local disco. But when a mad driver almost runs them over, things start to go very badly wrong. Will New Year’s Eve be the best night of their lives or the very worst? As the clock ticks towards midnight, only time will tell.

Bat Attack is part of the Hazard River series for adventure-lovers aged 8+.


Hazard River by JE Fison“Go and get your hands on these Hazard River gems and leave the dangerous animal adventuring up to Jack Wilde and friends, your young readers will thank you for it!” Bug in a Book

Review in Buzz Words

Elephant Ears from Hazard River - Bat Attack
Elephant Ears by Max, 8.

“It should have even the most reluctant reader reading – especially with some of the hilarious scenes described that will appeal to boys!” Read Plus

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