Snake Surprise!


It’s a boring wet day on Hazard River until Jack Wilde and his friends find a note on an abandoned boat. The message is damaged but they can all read the words HELP ME. The gang must find out who needs help and why. But as they get closer to the answer, will they be the ones who need help?


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Hazard River by JE Fison“Shark Frenzy! is totally awesome reading. Snake Surprise! is another great book for kids who like adventure. Loved the action on every page. I couldn’t put it down. More Hazard River books please. For all kids who love playing the hero.” Stuart 11, Oz Kids in Print

“With the underlying conservation issues the true backbone of the story, you can be assured your young readers are getting a great, thrilling read and an important education (but they probably won’t notice)… the characters are enjoyable to follow, Jack has a great sense of humour and I can see many a tween sniggering behind the pages of this book and series.” Bug in a Book

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