As the Crow Flies

An Australian Gothic play for secondary school students.

The Great Grantham 1st XV rugby team has been on a losing streak for as long as anyone can remember, and the captain, Sam Sevenoaks, (Oakster to his friends) is desperate to turn things around. When a new coach turns up with a plan to get the team winning again, Oakster thinks his prayers have been answered. But as the victories mount, Oakster’s problems begin to multiply. He must break the rules and the trust of his teammates to win the premiership. When the spirits of Brisbane’s murky colonial past invade the present, Oakster discovers that winning comes at a very high price.

Cover art: Max Fison


The play is set in a boys’ school but can be adapted for a female or mixed ensemble. It is suitable for a cast of 20-70. Ages 12+


Australian Gothic/ YA/Teen


60 minutes


As the Crow Flies is a modern adaptation of Shakespeare’s Macbeth  and explores the themes of ambition, consequences and identity. It delves into the current sporting culture and delivers a warning that if something is too good to be true, it normally is. The play is an Australian Gothic tale that brings together sport and spirits. What could be more perfect for secondary school students?

“The modern context, sporting through-line and intertextual references to supernatural tropes make this an excellent resource for our Year 10 course. I believe this text will resonate with students, but I also like that it is easily adaptable to a range of teaching and learning contexts.”

Tania Neilsen, Brisbane Grammar School

Design: Max Fison