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Driving from Brisbane to Karumba via Boodjamulla (Lawn Hill)

The road from Brisbane to the Gulf of Carpentaria takes you through the heart of Queensland – to iconic rivers, mystical gorges, historic pubs, drought-affected farmland and sites of frontier wars. There are places to gaze at the stars, to watch raptors riding the thermal currents, to hear the stories of the bush and to see the remains of dinosaurs that once roamed this terrain. We hitched up our Patriot camper trailer for an unforgettable 5,500km outback journey.

Remote oasis of Seven Spirit Bay – Review

The sun is setting on another glorious day in the Northern Territory’s remote Cobourg Peninsula, when a ripple of excitement breaks the gentle patter of the afternoon. Out on the picture-perfect bay, a large crocodile is silently cruising towards the mangroves – distinctive nostrils and eyes visible above the waterline. Welcome to Seven Spirit Bay. An oasis of luxury in this remote corner of Australia, where the real NT is never far away.


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