Hazard River series

Hazard River by JE FisonHolidays are normally fun – right? But when Jack Wilde, his brother Ben and their friends Lachlan and Mimi visit Hazard River, nothing is normal. The gang comes up against rogue fishermen, smugglers and dodgy developers as they explore the River. How will they survive the summer? The Hazard River series by J.E. Fison (that’s me) is action-packed fun for young readers.

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shark-frenzy-front-cover.jpgShark Frenzy!

Jack Wilde and his friends are on holidays at Hazard River when they discover a dead shark washed up on the sand. It has no fins. Is it the work of a monster shark… a giant squid … or pirates? The gang decides to investigate. But finding out what killed the shark lands the kids in a whole lot more trouble than they ever imagined. Review


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It’s a boring wet day on Hazard River until Jack Wilde and his friends find a note on an abandoned boat.  The message is damaged but they can all read the words HELP ME. The gang must find out who needs help and why. But as they get closer to the answer, will they be the ones who need help?


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bat attack coverBat Attack!

It’s New Year’s Eve and Jack Wilde and his friends are getting ready for a night of fun at the local disco. But when a mad driver almost runs them over, things start to go very badly wrong.  Will New Year’s Eve be the best night of their lives or the very worst? As the clock ticks towards midnight, only time will tell.


tiger terror front coverTiger Terror!

Tigers are on the verge of extinction. Everyone knows that. So why does Jack Wilde think he’s seen a tiger paw in a medicine shop in Chinatown? To find out the truth Jack and his friends must become junior spies. But they soon realize that their mission is anything but child’s play. Review


Toads’ Revenge!

toads-revenge-cover.jpgWhen Australia’s best-known adventurer moves to Hazard River, Jack, Ben, Mimi and Lachlan want to meet him. But instead of getting to know Just Orsum, the kids end up on his most dangerous and daring mission ever. Where will they end up, and more importantly how will they ever get back?


“I love the characters, they are fun and believable, the adventure is perfect for this age group and the story keeps you interested all the way until the end. A good choice for tweens, and even the reluctant readers could be turned with this one. It flows well and with plenty of humour and action it is sure to impress. I would definitely recommend this book, and indeed this series.” Bug in a Book

Meanwhile, it's non-stop action at Hazard River ...

Blood Money!

Everyone wants to have cool new stuff. Right? So when Jack Wilde and his friends find a bag full of money at Hazard River, it looks like all of their dreams have come true. But as they soon discover – money doesn’t always bring happiness, sometimes it buys a whole lot of trouble. Review



“Totally awesome reading… Loved the action on every page. I couldn’t put it down.” Oz Kids in Print

Inspiration: The idea for the Hazard River series crept up on me during a family trip to the Noosa River. During the holiday my sons teamed up with friends and spent their days

making camps, building rafts, jumping off jetties, avoiding snakes, dodging stingrays, exploring sandbanks and generally having a Boys Versus Wild adventure. I was inspired. Hazard River is published by Ford Street Publishing and the covers are done by the very talented Marc McBride (of Deltora Quest fame).



Shark Frenzy

Snake Surprise


Shark Frenzy

Snake Surprise 


Shark Frenzy 

Snake Surprise


Shark Frenzy 

Snake Surprise

RHYW (Large Print eBooks) 

Shark Frenzy

Snake Surprise 


Shark Frenzy

Snake Surprise 


Shark Frenzy

Snake Surprise

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