The Voice

I am loving the blind auditions of The Voice – not just because the talent is so outstanding, but because the whole message is so positive and inspiring. Even the singers who don’t turn any chairs are sent away with great professional advice and an explanation for why they didn’t move the coaches. Standing out from theContinue reading “The Voice”

A year on

It’s a year since the first stories in the Hazard River adventure series hit bookshops. Phew, I have learned a thing or two in that time … Securing a publishing contract for your first book is a little like giving birth to your first child – you spend so much time preparing for the actualContinue reading “A year on”

Can writing fiction improve your parenting?

As every aspiring author knows, writing a good story is about inhabiting the minds of the story’s characters and translating their motivations and actions into convincing and entertaining prose. And so, it was without hesitation, that I invaded the mind of a ten-year-old boy for my first foray into the world of fiction writing, theContinue reading “Can writing fiction improve your parenting?”