Non-stop action at Hazard River

Get set for more action at Hazard River with Bat Attack and Tiger Terror. The stories are action-packed fun for readers aged 8+, published by Ford Street Publishing. The freaky front covers are done by super-talented illustrator, Marc McBride. Hazard River series by JE Fison

The HAZARD RIVER series: Holidays are normally fun – right? But when Jack Wilde and his friends visit Hazard River things are anything but normal. The gang comes up against pirates, smugglers and unscrupulous developers while trying to dodge stings rays, snakes, bats and sharks. How will they survive the summer?

Bat Attack:  It’s New Year’s Eve and Jack Wilde and his friends are BAT ATTACK by JE Fisongetting ready for a night of fun at the local disco. But when a mad driver almost runs them over, things start to go very badly wrong.  Will New Year’s Eve be the best night of their lives or the very worst? As the clock ticks towards midnight, only time will tell. Tiger Terror by JE Fison

Tiger Terror:  Tigers are on the verge of extinction. Everyone knows that. So why does Jack Wilde think he’s seen a tiger’s paw in a medicine shop in Chinatown? To find out the truth Jack and his friends must become junior spies. But they soon realise that their mission is anything but child’s play.

Check out the whole HAZARD RIVER series for details about Shark Frenzy, Bat Attack, Blood Money and Toads’ Revenge.


Hazard River virtual book tour dates: 14/3/2011 Review of Tiger Terror and Bat Attack

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16/3/2011 Interview Shark Frenzy by J.E. Fison

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18/3/2011 Does my front cover look too scary in this?

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Julie (J.E.) Fison writes for children, teens and adults. Her first fiction series - 'Hazard River' - is fast paced and fun with an environmental twist. The stories were inspired by a family holiday on the Noosa River. Noosa is also the setting for Julie's first story for teenagers - Tall, Dark and Distant. Her other books for young adults are Lust and Found and Counterfeit Love. She also has two books in the new Choose Your Own Ever After series that lets the reader decide how the story goes. Julie blogs on writing, travel and life as a mother of boys.

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