Sugar is sweet

Heart-shaped reef, Queensland
Heart-shaped reef on the Great Barrier Reef, Queensland

There’s nothing like a break from the daily grind to get the creative juices flowing (or dripping at the very least), and a holiday never lets me down. A week in the Whitsundays was going to be my chance to do lots of reading – always useful before the start of a new project. Unfortunately sailing, snorkelling, paddle boarding, bush walking and eating (lots of eating) got in the way of that.

Catseye Beach, Hamilton Island
Catseye Beach, Hamilton Island

I did have a moment to pick up a book when the rest of the family spent the morning go-karting. Given my history of holiday accidents, I wasn’t going anywhere near crazy underage drivers.

It feels like the end of the world when the cane is set alight to burn off the old leaves, before harvesting.
It feels like the end of the world when the cane is set alight to burn off the old leaves, before harvesting.

But as luck would have it, I discovered a new muse after leaving the islands. Flat, green and oozing with potential – a sugar cane farm in the Burdekin is calling my name, and who am I to ignore it. The farm is taking centre stage in a short story I’m writing for a new Ford Street Publishing anthology due out in February next year. Stay tuned!

Trust Me TooYou can check out Ford Street’s previous anthologies Trust me and Trust Me Too – here.

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Julie (J.E.) Fison writes for children, teens and adults. Her first fiction series - 'Hazard River' - is fast paced and fun with an environmental twist. The stories were inspired by a family holiday on the Noosa River. Noosa is also the setting for Julie's first story for teenagers - Tall, Dark and Distant. Her other books for young adults are Lust and Found and Counterfeit Love. She also has two books in the new Choose Your Own Ever After series that lets the reader decide how the story goes. Julie blogs on writing, travel and life as a mother of boys.

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