Choose Your Own Ever After


You decide how the story goes in the Choose Your Own Ever After series.
You decide how the story goes in the Choose Your Own Ever After series.

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Out now! Choose Your Own Ever After lets you decide how the story ends!

The fun starts with How To Get To Rio. For girls 10+.

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HOW TO GET TO RIO: For months Kitty MacLean has been crushing on Rio Sanchez who is probably the cutest boy in the world. But it looks like she might never get a chance to hang out with him until she makes a new friend. So, should she go camping with her best friends like she promised or go to Paradise Point with popular-girl Persephone instead.

How to Gwt to Rio (Choose Your Own Ever After)Follow your heart right to the end, or go back and choose all over again. Choose Your Own Ever After is published by Hardie Grant Egmont and is available online and from all good bookstores.


‘Tween girls will simply love this choose your own adventure style new series. Dealing with real world issues, How to Get to Rio gives the reader a delicious amount of power over the story they read – what will your Ever After be?’ The Little Bookroom

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Choose Your Own Ever After - The Call of the Wild

The Call of The Wild Choose Your Own Ever After.

THE CALL OF THE WILD: Phoebe Wright and her besties, Annabel and Kimmi, have been invited to the coolest part of the year! But when Phoebe realises it’s on the same night as her Wild Club’s movie-night fundraiser, she’s totally torn about what to do.

Should she go to the party or the movie night?

The Call of the Wild (Choose Your Own Ever After)Choice 1: Phoebe decides to help out with the fundraiser. But soon Annabel is hanging out with Wild Club cutie, Liam, and Phoebe feels weird about it. Sure Liam is hot, but Phoebe only likes him as a friend, right?


Choose Your Own Ever After series
Choose Your Own Ever After series by Julie Fison, Nova Weetman and Kate Welshman.

Choice 2: Phoebe decides she can’t abandon her friends, who are desperate for her to go to the party. Besides, Annabel and Kimmi are setting Phoebe up with Highgrove hottie, Saia. But will the party be all the girls hope it will be?

Which path will you choose?

The Call of the Wild (Choose Your Own Ever After), by Julie FisonBuy The Call of the Wild now.

The details:

Pub Date: 2014

Imprint: HGE

Choose Your Own Ever After: How to Get to Rio/The Call of the Wild

ISBN: 9781742977744/ISBN: 9781742977751

Author: Julie FisonThe Call of the Wild (Choose Your Own Ever After) by Julie Fison

A$14.95/ NZ$14.99

256 pages

198 x 128mm


 Available in the US from Kane Miller


36 thoughts on “Choose Your Own Ever After”

  1. Dear Julie I have read all of the chose your own ever after you have writing so far and I just love them, I need you to write millions more🙏 they are always so funny and amazing and I always read them over and over and never get tired.
    I’m always trying to get my friends reading them because I know they will love as much as I do! Please publishing amazing books

  2. Really like the Choose Your Own Ever After system. After I read through the whole thing once (choosing one path) I go back to the start and read the whole thing, beginning to end, without choosing a path. It’s funny and I love doing it!

  3. dear Julie, i LOVE the series and i’m begging you to write more! 🙂 i love call of the wild but my fav would have to be PLAY THE GAME it is so exiting that i have read it about 4 times! i love how Edie either goes with Finn, Jackson or Freddy and nearly looses her bff (Tess) by choosing to be in the play! PLEASE WRITE ANOTHER ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I’m new to your books but LOVE choose your own adventure. I heard though that in one of your book there is a kiss. I have a 10 yr old cousin and her mom doesn’t really want her reading that just yet but knows her daughter will love this style in a book. Which ones don’t have the kissing in it? Thanks!

    1. Hi im aubree the one that has know kiss is how to get to rio, hot cold summer, but the one that does have the kiss is makeup or break up

    1. I’m ordering a bunch of your books I bet all enjoy and keep making more I’m pretty sure you’re books are my favorite books

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