How to develop characters

Engage your reader by creating three-dimensional characters.  Do this is by working out as much as you can about your characters before you begin writing. Give them strengths and weaknesses, and give them the chance to grow as a person as they face obstacles in the story. Get inside their heads as you write, so you see the world as they do. And reveal your characters through what they say, think and do.

Character profile

  1. Name
  2. Age
  3. Current address
  4. Place where he/she grew up
  5. Occupation
  6. Appearance – any significant features
  7. Upbringing – happy/troubled family life
  8. Pivotal moments in his/her background – any major upheavals
  9. Relevant flaws – weaknesses that make conflict unavoidable
  10. Relevant strengths – that help achieve goals
  11. Relevant goals – personal/professional ambitions



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