Hazard River characters

Holidays are normally fun – right? But when Jack Wilde, his brother Ben and their friends Lachlan and Mimi visit Hazard River nothing is normal. The gang comes up agaist rogue fishermen, smugglers and dodgy developers as they explore the River. How will they survive the summer?

The Hazard River series is action-packed fun for young readers.

Here’s a rundown of the four main characters.

Hazard River - Bat Attack by JE Fison
Hazard River – Bat Attack by JE Fison

Jack Wilde (narrator)

Age: 10

Favourite saying: Flying custard pies!!!!

Favourite food: Pancakes with maple syrup, chocolate sauce, strawberry sauce, caramel sauce and sprinkles. Heaven!!!!

Nickname: Boy Genius (OK, so I gave myself that nickname. It still counts.)

Likes: Coming up with the most brilliant plan ever. (And I normally do!)

Most outstanding achievements: Saving my brother from quicksand, saving my brother from floating away in a boat, saving a colony of ghost bats, saving grey nurse sharks, saving injured koalas … (Do you want me to go on?)

Ben Wilde

Age: 6

Favourite saying: Can I keep this?

Favourite food: Spicy pork dumplings

Nickname: The Stink Collector (Doesn’t everyone call him that?)

Likes: Collecting stuff

Most outstanding achievements: Finding a bike on the side of the road, finding a Swiss Army knife, finding a screw driver, finding a dead jellyfish, finding … (I don’t think you want to know any more.)

Lachlan Master

Age: 12

Favourite saying: I can’t believe you fell for that one!!!!

Favourite food: Spaghetti with kangaroo poo bolognese (I actually made that up. Lachlan will kill me!)

Nickname: Master of Disaster (That is perfect for Lachlan.)

Likes: Playing practical jokes

Most outstanding achievements: Umm… Errr… None comes to mind, unless you count shaking up a whole case full of beer and really annoying people.

Hazard River - Tiger Terror by J.E. Fison
Hazard River – Tiger Terror by J.E. Fison

Mimi Fairweather

Age: 12

Favourite saying: Did you know…?

Favourite food: Garlic-fried centipedes (Mimi says they’re a lot tastier than they look)

Nickname: Professor Bigbrains (She’s got a brain the size of Uluru, I swear!)

Likes: Saving the planet

Most outstanding achievement: Sailing around the world with her parents, dodging pirates in the Philippines, whales in the Pacific Ocean and avoiding a ghost boat on Hazard River (with my help.)

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