Voices (and amazing sunsets) on the Coast

Julie Fison, Voices on the Coast 2016Thirty writers, illustrators and performers, 75 schools, 4000 students, teachers, volunteers, storms, howling winds, misplaced authors, missing cars, laughs, tears and an unforgettable sunset – that was this week’s Voices on the Coast.

And I loved being part of it.

It was so much fun sharing stories with students and hanging out with a heap of amazing authors. I laughed at Sarah Kinsella and Russell Fletcher’s

Comic improvisers, Sarah Kinsella and Russell Fletcher, taking care of baby.
Comic improvisers, Sarah Kinsella and Russell Fletcher, taking care of baby.

hilarious improvisation, and shed tears at Philip Wilcox’s poignant poetry. I loved Gregg Dreise’s didgeridoo performance and was touched by Children’s Laureate, Leigh Hobbs‘, sincere words on writing.

Now, I return to my desk a little fatigued but  enriched by the incredible creative buzz of the festival.

Sunrise at Alex Heads
Sunrise at Alex Heads


The sky is on fire at Alex Heads.
The sky is on fire at Alex Heads.

Thank you to my gorgeous Immanuel Lutheran College introducers and the clever media crew for keeping my talks and workshops running smoothly and to the super-talented Samantha Wheeler for being such a great roomie at our comfy beachside digs – the Mirage, Alexandra Headlands.

Philip Wilcox, Australian Poetry Slam champion
Philip Wilcox, Australian Poetry Slam champion

A massive congratulations to coordinator Kelly Dunham on a wonderfully successful youth literature festival. You are a legend!

I look forward to seeing you again on the Sunshine Coast soon!

The full line-up for Voices on the Coast 2016:  (Some didn’t make the photo but I’ll let you work out who was there and who wasn’t!) Deborah Abela, Christine Bongers, Janeen Brian, Peter Carnavas, Gary Crew, Shelley Davidow, Gregg Dreise, Kirsty Eagar, Brain Falker, Fleur Ferris, Julie Fison, Serena Geddes, Leigh Hobbs, Dean Jacobs, Andrew King, Sarah Kinsella, Russell Fletcher, Jan Latta, Rebecca Lim, Lynette Noni, James Phelan, Darrell Pitt, Leila Rudge, Katryna Starks, Ellen van Neervan, Nova Weetman, Samantha Wheeler, Philip Wilcox, Lesley Williams, Tammy Williams and Kelly Dunham (Festival Coordinator).Voices on the Coast 2016


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Julie Fison is an author, blogger and travel lover. Her books include the Hazard River adventure series for kids and stories in the Choose Your Own Ever After series for readers who like to decide how the story goes. Her blog Welcome to My World features tips for midlife travel, writing and other good stuff.

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