Voices (and amazing sunsets) on the Coast

Thirty writers, illustrators and performers, 75 schools, 4000 students, teachers, volunteers, storms, howling winds, misplaced authors, missing cars, laughs, tears and an unforgettable sunset – that was this week’s Voices on the Coast. And I loved being part of it. It was so much fun sharing stories with students and hanging out with a heap ofContinue reading “Voices (and amazing sunsets) on the Coast”

Hearing Voices

It’s always enriching for a writer to hear the experiences of a best-selling author. Just listening to their stories, the inspiration for their books, the routines they follow, provide clues to how to succeed as an author. And when that author is Pulitzer Prize winning author Geraldine Brooks, I have to admit, I’m hanging onContinue reading “Hearing Voices”