Into the wild – rediscovering Borneo

Twenty five years ago I made my first trip to Borneo – a rugged island in South East Asia, famous for its rainforests and wildlife. My last visit started my fascination with orangutans and inspired The Call of the Wild (Choose Your Own Ever After) about a school girl who has to make a choiceContinue reading “Into the wild – rediscovering Borneo”

Call of the Orangutan

Happy International Orangutan Day – or not so happy, as the case may be. August 19th is being marked to recognize the dangers facing the most iconic victim of the palm oil industry. I first encountered orangutans twenty years ago. I was holidaying on the island of Borneo and came across a sanctuary where young orphanedContinue reading “Call of the Orangutan”

Signs, synchronicity and orangutans

Well, this is a coincidence. I am working on a new Choose Your Own Ever After story. In The Call of the Wild, Phoebe, the nature-loving main character, has to choose between going to a save-the-orangutan fund raiser or heading off to a party with her best friends. Then yesterday, as I’m getting the kidsContinue reading “Signs, synchronicity and orangutans”