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WA visit: May 15-19

Hello WA!

I will be winging my way to your side of the country soon – visiting schools in the Perth area from May 15-19, 2017. If you would like me to spend the day at your school – talking about story ideas, characters, the Choose Your Own Ever After series, Hazard River, orang-utans and more, please contact me directly or you can book a visit through Speakers Ink or Creative Net. I run workshops and talks for students in primary and secondary schools.

The Call of the Wild has been shortlisted in the WA Young Readers’ Book Awards. 

IMG_1414“Thank you for such a great day. The girls and teachers thoroughly enjoyed your sessions, it was wonderful to hear them speak so positively about the tips and drafting skills you shared.” St Aidan’s Anglican Girls’ School

Hope to see you in May!

Julie xx

The Call of the US


Get ready, girls of the US – the Choose Your Own Ever After series is heading your way. The US publisher Kane Miller has just acquired rights to my second book in the series The Call of the Wild. My first book in the series How to Get To Rio is due for release in the US in Jaunuary 2015. Thank you to my clever colleagues at Hardie Grant Egmont for making this happen.

Choose Your Own Ever After is a pick-a-path series that lets the reader decide how the story goes.

Choose Your Own Ever After - The Call of the WildIn The Call of the Wildnature-loving Phoebe has to choose between helping out the Wild Club at a save-the-orangutan fundraiser, and going to a super-cool party with her besties.

‘Tween girls will simply love this choose your own adventure style new series. Dealing with real world issues, How to Get to Rio gives the reader a delicious amount of power over the story they read.’ The Little Bookroom

How to get to Rio by Julie FisonIn How to get To RioKitty has to choose between going camping with her best friends, like she promised, and going to a beautiful beach resort with her new friend, popular-girl Persephone, where she might just get to meet the very dreamy Rio.

“This is a perfect girls novel, where the reader gets to make Kitty’s decisions. Full of friends, family, school and first love, this book is fun, sensitive and has great characters that the girls will recognise and relate to (especially the annoying little brothers!). Best of all, you can read this book lots of times with lots of different stories. Perfect for Year 7 & 8 girls.” Lamont CHECK OUT WHERE TO BUY JULIE’S BOOKS

Call of the Orangutan

Happy International Orangutan Day – or not so happy, as the case may be. August 19th is being marked to recognize the dangers facing the most iconic victim of the palm oil industry.

International Orangutan DayI first encountered orangutans twenty years ago. I was holidaying on the island of Borneo and came across a sanctuary where young orphaned orangutans were being returned to the wild. The Sepilok Rehabilitation Centre is now a well-know stop on the tourist trail, but at the time, visitors could wander unrestricted into the jungle as rangers took food for the young orphans. When the orangutans heard the sound of the ranger they would appear out of nowhere and descend to the ground to grab a piece of fruit from the ranger’s bucket.

Orangutan, Sepilok, SabahIt was an incredible experience, made all the more special because we were able to get so close to the orangutans. One cheeky chappie stole a tourist’s scarf from her neck, played with it for a bit and then tossed it aside. A little while later, he came down from his treetop vantage point, unzipped a girl’s money belt, started pulling out notes and eating them. Every time she pulled his hand from her money belt, he used a foot to help himself to more cash.

As we were leaving the sanctuary the same orangutan was sitting on the boardwalk, like he was planning to wave us farewell. But that’s not what he had in mind. As I walked past, he grabbed my hand. I tried to pull it free, but he was too strong for me. I was stuck. With no sign of the ranger, I had to bribe the orangutan to let me go, handing over a silver pen to secure my free passage.

Choose Your Own Ever After: The Call of the Wild The orangutans really got to me and I have been hoping to incorporate these amazing primates into one of my stories for many years. I finally did in my latest Choose Your Own Ever After story for tweens.

The Call of the Wild is a pick-a-path story, that lets the reader decide how the story goes. In this one, nature-loving Phoebe has to choose between going to a super-cool party with her friends or helping out at a save-the-orangutan fundraiser.

The story is light and fun, but the facts behind it are serious. Orangutans are rapidly losing their habitats in Asia due to widespread palm oil cultivation, logging and fires. At the current rate, orangutans will be extinct in the wild in the next ten years in Sumatra, and soon after in Borneo. What a tragedy – one that some amazing charities are fighting to avert. Will they win or will they lose?

I wish I could make a choice on that one.

Find out more at The Orangutan Project.


The Call of the Wild

A super-cool party or a save-the-orangutan fundraiser – that’s the choice facing Phoebe Wright in my newest Choose Your Own Ever After story – The Call of the Wild. The book lets you decide how the story goes. You can follow your heart right to the end, or go back and choose all over again. Out now! Suitable for girls 10+.

Choose Your Own Ever After - The Call of the WildPhoebe Wright and her besties, Annabel and Kimmi, have been invited to the coolest part of the year! But when Phoebe realises it’s on the same night as her Wild Club’s movie-night fundraiser, she’s totally torn about what to do.

Should she go to the party or the movie night?

Choice 1: Phoebe decides to help out with the fundraiser. But soon Annabel is hanging out with Wild Club cutie, Liam, and Phoebe feels weird about it. Sure Liam is hot, but Phoebe only likes him as a friend, right?


Choice 2: Phoebe decides she can’t abandon her friends, who are desperate for her to go to the party. Besides, Annabel and Kimmi are setting Phoebe up with Highgrove hottie, Saia. But will the party be all the girls hope it will be?

Which path will you choose?

Buy The Call of the Wild now.


Choose Your Own Ever After - The Call of the WildISBN: 9781742977751

ISBN-10: 1742977758

Classification:General fiction (Children’s / Teenage)

Format: Paperback (198mm x 129mm x mm)

Pages: 256

Imprint: Hardie Grant Egmont

Publisher:Hardie Grant Books

Publish Date: 1-Aug-2014

Country of Publication: Australia

The Call of the Wild

I’ve just sent off the final pages for my new book in the Choose Your Own Ever After series – The Call of the Wild. Yahoo! I can’t wait to see the finished product.

Choose Your Own Ever After: The Call of the Wild In this story, nature-loving Phoebe has to choose between helping at a save-the-organutan movie night, and going to a super-cool party with besties. Just like the other stories in the Choose Your Own Ever After series, there’s loads of girlfriend fun, boy trouble, embarrassing family antics and lots of decisions to be made! The pick-a-path story lets you decide how the story goes. And if you don’t like where you end up, you can always go back and start all over again!

The Call of the Wild was inspired by an orphaned orangutan that I encountered on holidays in Borneo many years ago. This cheeky chappy stole my friend’s scarf, then helped himself to a wad of cash from her money belt and ate it! As I was trying to leave the forest he grabbed my hand and wouldn’t let me go. I thought I might be spending the night in the jungle with him.

Sadly, some experts predict that orangutans could be extinct in the wild in less than ten years unless steps are take to prevent their habitat being destroyed. (Full story: National Geographic)

Orangutan, Sepilok, Borneo

Today, you only find orangutans on the Indonesian and Malaysian islands of Sumatra and Borneo. Nobody knows exactly how many orangutans are left in the wild, but the UN’s latest estimate is around 50,000 (2007). And this number is decreasing rapidly.

Thousands of orangutans are lost each year as their rainforest habitat is destroyed by logging, forest fires, plantations and mining. This could lead to the extinction of one of the world’s four species of great apes – one of our most intelligent and peaceful relatives. (Save-the-orangutan.org)

The Call of the Wild comes out in August and is published by Hardie Grant Egmont.